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Saturated and superheated steam
Cleaning containment vessels and manufacturing equipment; cleaning and heating process equipment
Manufacturing and processing plants, refineries

STEAM-LANCE 250 EPDM Compact Steam Hose Non-Skive E-Z Crimp

Series 7263C/7264C is a compact, slim profile hose for long-lasting steam service, one of the toughest applications for hose, where the hot-cold/wet-dry cycling attacks rubber compounds externally as well as internally. The hose construction incorporates an EPDM tube that resists heat and popcorning, and a wire braid reinforcement for crush-resistant durability, kink resistance and a path to conduct a static electrical charge to ground. The EPDM cover is resistant to abrasion, cracking, hardening and ozone; the red cover of 7264C provides color-coded identification. Series 7263C/7264C is qualified with Parker non-skive crimp couplings for easy and quick assembly fabrication as well as maintenance-free service.

Refer to Technical Resources>Critical Applications for safety, handling and use information.

Tube: Black EPDM
Reinforcement: Multiple wire braids
Cover: Black or red EPDM; perforated wrapped finish
Temp. Range: -40F to +406F saturated steam/+450F superheated steam
(-40C to +207C saturated steam/+232C superheated steam)
Brand Method: Embossed
Brand Example: PARKER SERIES (7263C) (7264C) STEAM-LANCE E-Z CRIMP 250 PSI WP ISO 6134 Type 2
Design Factor: 20:1
Industry Standards: ISO 6134 Type 2
Vacuum: Not recommended
Compare to: Boston Concord 250; ContiTech Flexsteel 250 Steam; Gates 205MB Steam King; Goodall N2576 Thermoflex; Thermoid Burstproof Regular
Packaging: Cartons

Part No. ID
Wt. (lbs/ft)
Rad (in)
WP (psi) #
Rec *
Qty (ft)
7263C-1002 1 25.4 2 1.467 37.3 0.63 12.0 261 CS 50 Y
7263C-502 1/2 12.7 2 0.950 24.1 0.37 7.0 261 71 50 Y
7263C-752 3/4 19.1 2 1.200 30.5 0.47 9.0 261 CS 50 Y
7264C-1002 1 25.4 2 1.467 37.3 0.63 12.0 261 CS 50 Y
7264C-502 1/2 12.7 2 0.950 24.1 0.37 7.0 261 71 50 N
7264C-752 3/4 19.1 2 1.200 30.5 0.47 9.0 261 CS 50 Y

Table Notes 
* Couplings: Refer to CrimpSource at for coupling recommendations and crimp specifications.
** Stock: Y indicates stocked item; N indicates non-stocked item. Stock status subject to change. Contact Parker Customer Service..
# Maximum Working Pressure: 261 psi for saturated steam. 250 psi for superheated steam.

Failure to properly inspect, maintain, test and use steam hose assemblies may result in property damage, personal injury or death. Refer to ARPM publication IP-11-1, Guide for Use, Testing and Inspection of Steam Hose.
Water changes to hot water and phases of steam when subjected to heat and pressure. The greater the pressure, the higher the temperature required to achieve and maintain a steam phase. If steam escapes, dangerous quantities of heat may be released very suddenly. Exposure to hot water, low pressure steam and high pressure steam may cause severe scalding or fatal burns.
Use only hoses designated for steam service for steam applications.
Prior to use with detergents or rust inhibitors, refer to the chemical guide in this catalog or contact Parker.
Drain steam hose after each use to reduce the possibility of hose popcorning while in service.
Couplings attached with bands or clamps may reduce the working pressure of the hose assembly to less than the maximum rated working pressure of the hose. Refer to the NAHAD Industrial Hose Assembly Guidelines.