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Series 7055 is designed as a lightweight, abrasion and weather resistant hose for general industrial water service. The factory-installed, crimped-on lightweight brass couplings provide a secure hose/fitting interface, and the male and female garden hose ends provide easy, quick and secure connections.

Tube: Black EPDM
Reinforcement: Multiple textile plies
Cover: Black EPDM; smooth finish
Temp. Range: -40°F to +180°F (-40°C to +82°C)
Design Factor: 4:1
Industry Standards: None applicable
Vacuum: Not recommended
Coupling Material: Brass

Part No. ID
Max Rec WP
One End
Other End
Coupling Thread Approx
(lbs ea)
Std Pack
7055GHT100-600 1 25.4 50 100 Male Female GHT 23.7 2 N
7055GHT63-300 5/8 15.9 25 100 Male Female GHT 4.9 10 Y
7055GHT63-600 5/8 15.9 50 100 Male Female GHT 9.3 5 Y
7055GHT75-300 3/4 19.1 25 100 Male Female GHT 7.2 6 Y
7055GHT75-600 3/4 19.1 50 100 Male Female GHT 13.9 3 Y
7093-75200CW 3/4 19.1 Bulk 200 n/a n/a n/a 0.31 (ft) 350 (ft/rl) N
7093BCWGH-600 3/4 19.1 50 200 Male Female GHT 16.2 3 N

Table Notes 
** Stock: “Y” indicates stocked item; “N” indicates non-stocked item. Stock status subject to change. Contact Parker Customer Service.