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Diesel, ethanol (to E10), gasoline, oil
Gasoline dispensers and pumps

FLEX-EVER Barrier Gasoline Dispenser Hose CARB CP-206; UL330/CAN ULC-S612

Parker Series 7282 is a new, eco-friendly premium gasoline dispenser hose. The low permeation construction features a high quality nitrile tube backed by a thin, high strength thermoplastic barrier that meets UL/CARB permeation requirements of 10g/m/day. The hose is designed to dispense or transfer refined fuels such as diesel, ethanol, (see note below), gasoline and oil. The hose meets all Underwriters Laboratories/Canada (UL300/ULC) requirements. The hardwall construction incorporates a dual wire helix that reduces meter creep and provides full suction capability, kink resistance and a path to conduct a static electrical charge to ground. The cover is resistant to abrasion, cuts, oil and ozone, and will not mar the finish of a vehicle.

Refer to Technical Resources>Critical Applications for safety, handling and use information.
Refer to Technical Resources>Guides & Tables for fuel compatibility and service conditions.

Tube: Black nitrile with THV barrier
Reinforcement: Multiple textile braids with dual wire helix
Cover: Black CPE; wrapped finish
Temp Range: -40F to +180F (-40C to +82C)
Brand Method: White text on orange stripe
Brand Example: PARKER SERIES 7282 FLEX-EVER ECO LOW PERM HARDWALL GASOLINE DISPENSING HOSE (UL Recognized Component Mark) MH530 MADE IN USA (date code in white ink opposite).
Design Factor: 4:1
Industry Standards: CARB CP-206; UL330/CAN ULC-S612; NFPA 30A (factory assemblies)
Vacuum: Full
Compare to: ContiTech Flexsteel Futura Low Perm
Parckaging: Reels

Part Number ID
Approx Wt
Min Bend Rad
Max Rec WP
7282-1002 1 25.4 2 1.453 36.9 0.59 5.0 150 500 N
7282-632 5/8 15.9 2 1.031 26.2 0.37 3.0 150 500 N
7282-752 3/4 19.1 2 1.172 29.8 0.44 4.0 150 500 N

Table Notes 
Factory Assemblies: Contact Parker Customer Service.
* Couplings: Bulk gasoline dispenser hose couplings are not sold separately. Refer to CrimpSource at for other coupling recommendations and crimp specifications.
** Stock: Y indicates stocked item; N indicates non-stocked item. Stock status subject to change. Contact Parker Customer Service.

Couplings attached with bands or clamps may reduce the working pressure of the hose assembly to less than the maximum rated working pressure of the hose. Refer to the NAHAD Industrial Hose Assembly Guidelines.
Do not use Parker gasoline dispenser hose for aircraft fueling applications. Use only API/NFPA qualified hose for aircraft fueling applications.