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How to Order

Ordering Procedures - Contact our Customer Service Center

For quick processing, orders should include specific part numbers, or reference the following STAMPED information:

  • Size: The appropriate inside and outside diameters, and length of the hose should be determined.
  • Temperature: The maximum temperature of the material being conveyed.
  • Application: Color; environment/external service conditions; equipment type;, minimum temperature; suction or discharge; industry standards, etc.
  • Media: The compostion of the substance being conveyed and compatibility with the hose.
  • Pressure: The maximum pressure of the system, including pressure spikes.
  • Ends: The appropriate end connection and attachment method for the application.
  • Delivery: Testing, quality, packaging and delivery requirements

Customer Service Contact Information:

● Order Entry:
● Fax: (866) 887-6165
● Eastern USA Phone: (8:00am to 5:00pm ET) (866) 810-HOSE (4673)
● Western USA Phone: (11:00am to 8:00pm ET) (800) 242-HOSE (4673)

Request for Quote:

● Catalog Product:
● Custom Made Hose: (9:30am to 6:30pm ET) (800) 783-3922

Industrial Hose Division Sales Support

IHP Territory ID #
& FCG Region Name
Industrial Hose Specialist Product Sales Manager
Central (7A) Tony Villar Tim Hampton
Great Lakes (2A) Open Dylan Shamakian
Gulf (5C) Bill Thompson Tim Hampton
Mid Atlantic (4A) Jim Saloum Alex James
Midwest (8A) Ashley Nagel Alex James
Mississippi Valley (5B) Bill Adcock Tim Hampton
Northeast (3A) Jim Wertz Dylan Shamakian
Northwest (6A) Open Dylan Shamakian
Northwest (6C) Van Vo Dylan Shamakian
Pacific (6B) John Eschle Dylan Shamakian
Southeast (4B) Ben Thomas Alex James
Southwest (5A) Omar Vargas Tim Hampton