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    FCG - Industrial Hose Sales Force Regions

    IHP Territory ID #
    & FCG Region Name
    Industrial Hose Specialist Product Sales Manager
    Central (7A) Tony Villar Tim Hampton
    Great Lakes (2A) Karen Davis Dylan Shamakian
    Gulf (5C) Bill Thompson Tim Hampton
    Mid Atlantic (4A) Jim Saloum Alex James
    Midwest (8A) Ashley Nagel Alex James
    Mississippi Valley (5B) Bill Adcock Tim Hampton
    Northeast (3A) Michael Sajeski Dylan Shamakian
    Northwest (6A) Lenette Rucker Dylan Shamakian
    Northwest (6C) Van Vo Dylan Shamakian
    Pacific (6B) John Eschle Dylan Shamakian
    Southeast (4B) Ben Thomas Alex James
    Southwest (5A) Joe Magana Tim Hampton